Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's say the the Fed's pull off a brilliant recovery?

I'm not sure where of how they can do it, But let's say they do. So your rice and beans you have stored is only good for 5- 10 years. Your whole wheat 5-25 years, flour 5years, sugar and honey seem to be good after thousand of years. skills like baking bread, brewing beer, growing a garden do seem timeless. I want to get off the 'grid' and generate my own power not cause Al Gore tells me to. I just want to be independent of utilities.
So I spend a year not shopping for groceries. I've yet to hear anyone tell me a downside. Except I'm not supporting the Feds by going into debt. How dare I not spend! don't I know how cheap Ipads/Iphones are?

 I got another nasty gram from the county that they will revoke my registration. It was pink and said it was the final warning! Fine, cancel my registration for my vehicle. I've got bike an RV and access to other vehicles that are outside the zone Of course an aged 1978 RV V-8 running will be much better for the enviroment than my 2003 Kia van. Your rules, state and Feds not mine. I'll be happy to park my Kia and not register it, or pay for gas or all those taxes. A bit inconvient for me but you win EPA and the state of Idaho. I won't play your games.
By golly you showed me!

What will you do?

I know I'm preaching to the choir mostly. But we get some noobs stopping by and are trying to learn. I don't use the term Noob in a bad sense you are looking, and trying to learn. It wasn't all that long ago I was you. I'm doing pretty good with my own efforts and a bit of help from my freinds. Getting me focused, trying new stuff and getting creative.
But I want you to think about "Logistics" of food, fuel an energy. Look at your road system. How many overpasses or bridges must be crossed simply for you to go to work? Let's say they are destroyed, the reason does not matter. They are gone, what will you do? No one can help you as the roads are destroyed. You can't get out and they can't get in. Let's say something simple the city water supply is full of filth. A couple of busted pipes or the processing plant is flooded. Look at water processing plant the are almost always on "low ground". But you don't get water at all or at best must be boiled.
The thing I want to get across is trust no one. The government doesn't care about you. It can't, they have problems of their own. Your problems don't matter. They the US gov. will told you to prepare for 3-14 days without gov. help. Longer in Nuke attack or meltdown. Take them at their word you are on your own.
I don't care what you do to prep. I know what works for me but if you like Ramen noodles, or MRE's, Growing your own or going to the local "Farmer's Market". You are there and it's your choice to buy or not. I do know you need the basics.
1. Clean air: 3-6 minutes worth is as long as you can last without it.
2. Clean water: 3-6 days. I can store this item. I can't store air to breathe.
3. Food, depending on your fat deposits. You will feel starvation rations in 3-6 weeks. Your whole life will become about food. Read some history, folks will look at magazines and drool, getting food will be their life.

4. If you can't deal with basic sanitation you will die. Not my rule, History's rule.
5. If you can't deal with a basic broken bone you may die. See above
6. If you can't isolate sickness and support an ill person. It will spread and you will die.

I'm not trying to scare you it's that stuff happens fast you must be ready to isolate and be smart.

I believe folks that want a NWO, or want to kill me. I may think they are wrong but I have no doubts that they will do the best they can to bring it about.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prepping fast, dirty and ugly.

I think the collapse will happen this year in the USA. This post is for you folks that need a plan that is cheap but effective. For under $750.00 you could put in place a good prepper/survival system. No you can't build a bunker, but you can have your "basics" covered and easily added too or changed. You got to move with the flow of events and not fight them. I wanted to focus on getting silver, but food inflation is a greater threat. So I adjusted, with the volitility in the PM markets,I know it will go up and down. But I know food is going up just based on oil costs. I felt I needed to bit more proactive on securing my food supply.  This was my reply to noob to prepping. Please feel free to troublshoot me in the comment section. I need all the help I can get.

I'd go for fast, dirty and cheap on the basics. Seeds are cheap and even if you don't start a garden this year $20.00 spent on heirloom seeds is a great investment. If you like them rice, pasta, beans, flour and wheat will get you the most calories for your buck.
Weapons: I recommend 1st a 12ga. shotgun for home defense and at least 100 rounds of #2 or greater shot,  and a 22. Long rifle and 500 rounds for hunting. Pistols is a matter of preference but a 9mm to start and couple of magazines and at least 250 rounds. Most gun stores will let you trade up so to speak if you start with a Hi-point you can trade it toward the pistol you want in the future but at least you have something to protect yourself.  I'd look for a .30 caliber long range rifle for hunting larger animals.
Water: Soda bottles can be washed and are great for water and free. I do like the 5 gallon camp jugs and about as much weight as I'd want to try and move any distance. A little bleach, a good filter and some coffee filters should keep you going for a bit of time. I'd recommend getting some "Rain Barrels" if you can for the garden and flushing toilets. Some extra tarps and buckets will let you harvest more rain water.
First aid: Have plenty of bandages, aspirin, cough medicine on hand. If you have had the flu or a cold you know to treat the symptoms. I like the the chemical  Ice packs and heat wraps and lotions I get at the dollar stores. But they have all kinds of cortisone creams and topical formulas for treating minor ailments. Gatorade or Tang for supporting a sick person.
Sanitation: You got to keep yourself clean that means soap, Toilet Paper, a little camper potty or even a bucket. Get those sanitary napkins or tampons. Toothpaste and brushes. Construction grade trash bags and learn to dispose of your waste safely.  I got sponges for when the TP runs out but I just got another delivery of back up TP in the form of a Phone book.
Heat and shelter: Get a  tent or 2 that will fit the whole family and 0 degree sleeping bags. You can bug out with them plus most of the popup tents now a days are great for setting up even indoors and can conserve heat. Extra robes, jammies, sweats that can be layered to keep warm. T-shirts, and extra undies to keep clean and change out. Clean clothes are warm clothes. Wool and cotton as your basic fabrics. Cotton breathes and is great in summer time. Wool because it retains heat even when wet. Good shoes when you get a shoe you like buy at least 2 preferably 3 pairs and switch daily. It will make them last 3-6x longer than a single pair.
Money: have at least enough to pay cash for a tank of gas or a grocery trip. Not enough to be a target. I think about $50.00 to $100.00 dollars always on hand. Don't put your life at risk depending on an ATM.
This is quick and dirty list of what you need. You could and should do more and as you learn this is easy to add to and refine. I think it should get you started at being a prepper or survivalist. I'm sure the orchard will chime in on the stuff I missed. Gosh I love em always more to learn and stuff I didn't consider.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting the gardens going.

I finally got the idea for the "Bucket Garden" locked in. I'll be doing an Asian Garden with some baby bok choy, Chinese radishes, Diakon, ginger, peppers and green onion, a Salad garden of cherry tomatoes, lettuce, romaine, carrots and an herb garden. That's for indoors and I hope I can make produce year round.
I'm getting 1 of those 4 ft.x 4 ft. raised beds at Big Lots this week and some more soil. I'll be doubling my outside garden space this year and trying several new plants. I got an Ice cream maker so I'm very excited to see how the watermelon and cantaloupe do this year as I try my hand at sorbets. Mom ordered the dwarf citrus trees and I think they will do okay. We will have to see if they are happy and produce fruit. If it works that will be an awesome bonus of vitamin C and a great addition to food storage.
Finally topped off my little chest freezer. I cheated a bit and bought 15 # of frozen veggies on sale along with some meat. I figure that will cover me a bit even if the garden doesn't work out. I'll be picking up another 10# of chicken thighs and legs at Paul's Market at .65 cents per pound in a 10 pound bag. I focused on the bulk dry goods but you need to have balance in your diet and now I'm grabbing what I can to "top off" my food supplies so to speak. I don't think sales like that will last much longer as everything will get more expensive because of fuel costs and the declining dollar.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Fred Meyers: 20-26 Mar 2011
Whole chicken .88 cents per pound
Speedstick Deoderant .79 cents each
18 pack eggs 2 for $3.00
Walgreens 20-26 Mar 2011
Canned pink salmon $1.49 each with coupon.
Cash & CarryTill 27 Mar 2011
Sausage Roll 6# for $7.74 or $1.29 per pound
Boneless pork sirloins $1.68 per pound 9 # average

Nuke update:
Looks like we are not seeing any radiation from Japan today. But we have what appears to be a new oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico about 20 miles from the Deep Horizon Rig.

Some good news I found another prepper and she's gardening, canning and raising chickens.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Really good PDF from UCBS with a good explanations

Understanding the radioactivity at Fukushima (pdf)

I'm impressed with some of the things average folks have put together

I never would have thought about setting up a radiation monitoring network  or that folks would have radio scanner hooked to the internet and give us "real time updates", folks on the ground in disaster updating via the Internet. We seem to be getting better data from the Amateurs than the Professionals.
One thing is for certain we are finding out how governments and the Media are going to deal with any "crisis" or disaster. I personally think the US media and government are making things worse and contributing to the uncertainty and panic. I hope more folks will realize that they must depend on themselves and will put in the effort to educate and protect themselves. It takes some work and sacrifice but I think it's worth the effort.

I think the USA will soon be facing a severe financial crisis. Kicked off by what is happening in Japan, but brought about about by the recklessness of the TBTF banks, Corporations, the federal reserve and the Government. I think it will be hyper-inflationary like Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe. In most of those events there has always been a strong currency to move too. But the Euro is screwed cause they are printing like mad as well. The Yen won't hold for long and they will sell off US Debt if they are smart. That leaves China and Russia with strongest relative currencies or gold and silver.

We are seeing the inflation happening right now! Get your supplies of the basics and know how to use them. Have some cash on hand so if the ATM's and electronic banking go down you can still pay for grocery and gas and your bills. Top off your car's gas tank and get an extra can if possible to have on hand. I think when the economy start's to meltdown it will happen very quickly.

Got some good items on sale to post up Sunday. Keep the faith and keep working on your supplies. This to shall pass.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nuke Update II (Saturday update)

Animated Radioactive Fallout Forecast

TEPCO Director Weeps After Disclosing Truth About Fukushima Disaster

Halflife decay times
http://www.newcastle-schools.org.uk/nsn/chemistry/radioactivity/halflife page.htm
Iodine 131 decays in about 8 days, about the same amount of time for the winds to carry anything from Japan to the mainland USA.

Added in the Radiationetwork on my Blog roll.
So far it looks like anything we may be getting from Japan is getting lost in background/normal radiation. I'll keep monitoring to see if we get any spikes over the weekend.
So far it seems Zerohedge is doing about the best job on getting out the best data. Remember this is the 3rd largest economy in the world. We are starting to see impacts across all financial markets and supply chains and it will get worse.


Everything seems about the same background radiation on the West Coast!  I'm following a couple of folks in different parts of Japan on the forums of  www.themodernsurvivalist.com/  



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Don't spend your money foolishly, Educate yourself!

In the last couple of months I have read about about folks spending absurd amounts of money on tampons and Iodine tablets on auction sites. I understand fear and panic can make people do foolish things but this is ridiculous. Potassium Iodine (KI) tablets themselves are somewhat dangerous to take, only protects the thyroid not the rest of your body and is effective against specific radiation.
I understand you don't trust the Feds or the media so you must educate yourself. If we have a nuclear hazard you would be better off sealing off your home getting some good N95 or bettter particle masks, Storing water and have a little Decon cleaning station so you don't track radioactive particles into your house.Use rain gear that you rinse off, leave outside your house then have another washing station insde can keep you fairly safe. Even if dealing with a dirty bomb or fallout.  
I'm a little concerned reading about Hospital workers in Japan and passengers on planes tracking in radiation. To me that says Japan has very lax decon standards.While you can't spread radiation sickness you can spread radioactive dust. Which is why washing is one of the first do if exposed.
I'm not worried I'm prepared. I don't expect to need it but I've got masks, Plastic sheeting to close off doors and windows, Cleaning supplies and buckets all the things you may need in a "Worst case scenario". This is not it!

I think that a financial meltdown is much more likely to hit the USA and the EU, and is a greater threat than radiation. Getting food, topping off your car,  water, a way of protecting yourself , a way to stay warm and some ready cash is much more important than some pills that you probably won't need.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will someone in DC buy a fricking vowel?

Damn, Do these folks do anything beside watch " American Idol"? Obama is filling out NCAA basketball picks and the Surgeon General is unaware of a run on Potassium Iodine?  but think it's good idea? Has she talked to a nuke engineer? A particle physicist? We employ a lot of them at INEL and OAK RIDGE.
If the does not prove beyond a shadow  of a doubt that you are on your own I don't know what will. These folks in charge are morons.
The Mideast and N. Africa are on fire with revolution, Japan had an earthquake, tsunami and 4-6 plants in stages of melt down. All markets closed lower. Japan is closed for the week and Egypt's markets are still not open.
Bernanke thinks it may drive the markets lower. Hey, you think the 3rd largest world market is melting down, All major producers can't get power. Japan has bodies washing up on shore and have been told to get under shelter and there is no shelter only rubble piles or not breathe.
This might be a problem, I'm not sure about others but breathing is high on my survival skills. Blows that whole saving water bit all to hell if I'm not allowed to breathe.

I'm doing my best trying to get some solid info on Japan to you. It's not easy

Sorry, I wish I could do better but it seems we are getting bombarded by folks that want to support a position rather than give an unbiased report. Most of the Media is trying to "Be first with the news." that fact checking has become sorely lacking. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle of "Everything is under control." and "We are all gonna DIE".
I would recommend that you check the credentials of any talking head on the TV. I've seen Financial guys giving opinions on nuclear engineering and particle physics and engineers giving opinions on finance. A PhD. does not make you an expert on everything.
We are dealing with a language barrier and a government that needs to keep panic under control as well as dealing with multiple disasters with a destroyed infrastructure. Murphy's Law is working with a vengeance and I'm sure the Japanese are truly doing the best they can and want to believe the best of all reports. But it will slant them toward believing the positive. I think it's more human nature rather than trying to deceive anyone. The truth of Japan's situation is enough to scare the crap out of anyone.I don't discount that they maybe lying,  I just think they are desperate and want to believe the best of all reports.
One of the sites I follow that are trying to get out good info are Zerohedge.com it's in my Blogroll. I'm not saying they are always correct. But seem to give updates and say confirmed or not confirmed. They are big skeptics about any Data from Governments, MSM or the talking heads.
No matter what your values or political beliefs please check out all sources. That Hoax Map that came out panicked a lot of folks for no reason. Folks are buying Potassium Iodine (KI) pills and running stock low for the folks that may need it in Asia. God only knows how many folks in the world started taking the pills and what that will do to them. A bit like starting Chemo-therapy in your 40's cause you may get cancer in your 60's.
Simple preparedness is your best bet. Safe food, Safe water, shelter, fuel and security. I'm sorry for the folks of Japan and pray for them. But use this to help yourself to plan/prepare better and use this as a test.

Nuke Update

As you have been watching the news and the spreading Radiation and panic Japan you may feeling a bit concerned. Now I'm not trying to minimise the danger but the Media is hyping this for rating as if the truth is not bad enough.
I'm not a Nuclear engineer but I was an NBC NCO for 13 years so detecting  and protecting against nuclear contamination was my job. So I can't explain why the plants are melting down I can tell you how to protect yourself. I think the danger to the USA is minimal at this time, but getting some equipment together will help you prepare for a "Dirty Bomb" or a Nuclear Bomb if used by a "rogue nation" or terrorists.
Most of the problem is that the rods are burning and can not be kept cool so the radition continues to be released. Whereas a bomb has one huge release at the time of explosion and decays pretty quickly over a 2 week period.

     "Dr. Akira Tokuhiro is a professor of Nuclear Engineering at the University of Idaho. He says the situation is under control.
"Yeah, it is alarming to hear this news, but from the nuclear engineers point of view, I'm not too worried," said Tokuhiro.
Tokuhiro explains what caused the explosions. He compares the nuclear reactors to the engine in your car, and says just like a car engine, the reactors have to be cooled. But when the earthquake hit, it cut off the power needed to pump water to cool the reactor's core, which caused the reactor to overheat, which caused hydrogen to build resulting in an explosion that blew the roof off the building.
Tokuhiro says, despite the explosion, the reactors are still contained and protected. Teams are now working on keeping the reactor cool using ocean water.
"You have a team of experts, you have an emergency responder team there, these are experts and people who are trying to do their best to manage the cooling of whatever state the fuel in the reactor is in," said Tokuhiro.
Our viewers want to know if there is any possibility of the radiation reaching Idaho. Tokuhiro says even if there was a complete nuclear meltdown, only those near the nuclear plants would suffer significant exposure.
"If I was in Idaho, I would not be worried, you're thousands of miles from Japan," said Tokuhiro.
The actual radiation exposure in the areas around the nuclear plant sites seems to be quite low.
To put it into perspective, the radiation released from the explosions has been measured at less than 10 percent of a typical chest X-ray.
Exposure to workers in the reactor building itself has been much higher.

If you a really concerned get some heavy Duty Plastic, Duct tape, and some N95 masks. You can seal up your windows and doors. The N95 mask can prevent inhaling contaminated dust. Store water inside a gallon per day per person.
If you heat with Central Air, you might get a couple of space heaters. Because in you'll need to block off air vents and turn off the central air furnace. I can tell you these items will be useful in any disaster.

http://www.radiationnetwork.com/    Radiation Monitors for the USA
http://adjutant.com/briefing/index.shtml    Nice collection of information gathered by folks. Also has links for more info.  

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Starve the Beast

Please if you are still using a TBTF Bank (JP Morgan, Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo or Bank of America). Look into a local bank or Credit Union. Many of the TBTF are limiting the ammount on your debit cards for a single transaction to $50.00-$100.00 or holding up your funds on checks.
Anonymous says they will attack BofA Monday 14 Mar. 2011. It may be a bluff or it may fizzle but why take a chance with your money. Plus I think it's worth it not to support the TBTF. Vote with your pocket book.

Operation LeakS Bank Of America Fraud Disclosure To Hit At Midnight Eastern, 5 AM GMT

Hacker Group Anonymous Brings Peaceful Revolution To America: Will Engage In Civil Disobedience Until Bernanke Steps Down



What went through your mind when you heard about Japan?

Well I knew I was safe from a Tsunami but there hsa been some theorising about earthquake swarms. So I grabbed some stuff from USGS earthquake monitors and a hazad map. Fairly safe area in Idaho but we've had a 7.1 mag north of me so I made sure nothing heavy could fall in a quake. Still I think I'll move the furniture around a bit so I can roll toward a door frame or have the furniture help form a pocket in case the roof caves in. Lot's of Dams in the area, I'm safe from flooding but I'd probably lose power.
    RV is in a good spot it may take some damage but I think it will be fairly safe. I should augment my tool kit with a heavy duty axe and crowbar, but I got a bow saw and some lighter tools untill I can purchase some this week.
   Nuclear hazard not that there is one, but I have plenty of Duct tape, heavy duty stapler,  Heavy duty Contruction bags, tarps and plastic sheeting to close off the house. I can create some clean rooms to Isolate contamination along with dust masks, plastic suits and boots (basically a rainsuit) I can leave outside if we get contamination.I should get some more sponges and a nail brush and a couple of scrub brushes.
   Since I'm starting my garden in a bucket inside already fresh veggies is taken care of and I can sprout if  needed for food supplies. I already have fresh water stored. I should store a bit more if I use it for sprouting.
    I have to take advantage of those heavy duty benches in the shop and get my fuel supplies closer to them so they are somewhat protected if the shop collapses and I can get to them fairly easily even if I got to dig through rubble. I don't think we will be able to evacute the valley as the bridges out will be unsafe. Of course that means nothing get's in either. Fred Meyer has propane tanks on sale so I'm going to pick up two and get at least 1 filled hopefully both!

As you can see I do think of the oddest things! But I have most of these items on hand and a plan on what to do for "What if...." Many of the things you do prepping will help in situations you can't or don't think can happen.

Nuclear Meltdown Japan Don't panic The radiation map is a hoax!!

There is a bad map suggesting that North America will get hit with a dose of lethal radiation. This map is bogus

(TheWeatherSpace.com) -- A hoax is going around the Internet about a nuclear fallout map, which kills people in the Western United States.

The hoax is going around and has caught a few off guard. The Australian Radiation Services did not issue a fallout map that reaches the Western United States, including Canada.

There is not much to say about this other than it is a hoax. TWS has corrected and pulled the article. 

Here is a site that has radiation monitoring stations that update every 3 minutes.

I'm not saying that you getting potassium Iodine is a bad idea it's just not critical to get or start taking it. 



DISCLAIMER: Australian Radiation Services is aware of information about radioactive contamination being spread from the Japanese nuclear reactor incident released under the ARS logo and name.  We wish to be clear that this information has not originated from ARS and as such distance ourselves from any such misinformation.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Doing some Trades

It looks like I got my neighbor on board the Alt. Market idea. We are already doing some trade/barter ideas. I have grapes, apples and cherries for fruit. She has plums. She ordered 25 sweet potato plants I'm ordering Heirloom Stevia, Bok choy, Diakon and colorful Kale and we got a little trade going. Sweet potato for stevia. Wow that stevia is pretty good and if we can grow it I can see it stretching the sugar and honey supplies in the long term. It may also be a help for Type 2 Diabetics. She is going to teach me some vegetarian dishes and I'm going to teach her how to bake bread.
Mom and my aunt have a kind of barter system going. Since I had to give my bunnies to my aunt. (She got 6 cages and couple of nesting boxes and 9 bunnies for free.) She is making me a quilt and her work is beautiful.
I also got two rabbits in the freezer. Mom is getting some dwarf citrus trees and I get to grow them. I have the space and a lack of spouse that can go crazy over another big plant or three. LOL
Grabbed a pallet from a neighbor that he was taking it to the dump. It will work great for storage for fuel cans. I can't prevent a determined thief but I can chain all the cans together and at least make them "work for it". Plus our dump measures cost by the pound so this will save him a little money or let him add some more for his trash run.
  I'm still working out some basics of trade/barter to have few guidelines in place. The best trades happen when both parties feel they got best deal. What I value may not be what you value but I think a deal could be made. I got a free foodsaver and a comforter for free because some one  was yardselling just wanted it all gone and didn't want to pack it all inside and find a place for it again. Awesome for me and it worked for him.
It does take some effort you got to walk up and knock on the door. You got to be willing to help and watch out for each other. But I'm constantly amazed how just a little caring can go a long way. Taking over a loaf of bread, a little card, some flowers doesn't cost much. But shows you care and are willing to be neighbors. If they don't want to be a part of your community you have an answer as well. Think of this as a "recon" of your environment.
85-90% of most peoples are good folks if not perfect. Now is the time to identify the good and bad. If they slam the door in your face check that block. If they invite you in for coffee or tea, check them into that block. Keep it easy and simple as helping out the neighborhood and folks in it. If they bring up stuff on preparedness or they don't know what to do you can introduce ideas. I'd recommend the bugout bag of 3 days, or the 3 weeks recommended by the feds. As they grow in preparedness you can add info . Don't expose what you have stored.

Adding some items to food storage. Milk

Milk is used in a lot of cooking and baking, plus if you have rugrats they really need to get their milk. Milk has often been called a "perfect food". Of course you still need a good variety but milk has a lot to offer as far as nutrients and good fats that is something you want to have on hand.
Morning Moo seems to be the about the best across the board on taste, availability and price. For a powdered milk product. I think if you can get a good local producer of raw milk you should take advantage of it. Whole raw milk will separate and the cream will rise to the top and you will have the start for cheese, cream for whipping, making  ice cream, yogurts or butter. 
You can freeze milk, you may notice it separate or have a few little globules suspended it. That's just the milk fats. Just give the jug a good shake and the fats should mix in again.
I've also used UHT shelf stable milk. In cooking and baking. Reminds me of skim milk in taste and I prefer whole milk. But it works great for cooking and baking and is easy to use.
  I always think it's best to have several options with your food storage. I guess kind of a short term to long term storage solution. While raw milk may not last long in storage. You can make products from it that can be frozen, (Ice cream), Butter (Canned or frozen) or Cheese (Frozen or waxed).

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SHTF is happening now! But lag time was built in.

Take advantage of the lag time in costs. If you are new to prepping you may not be aware of the downsize in products, reduced calorie counts (because of added water) and other games the PTB's play. I'm not busting on business, if they don't make a profit why play?
I'm busting on the feds for exporting inflation. For burning food for our fuel tanks. For not drilling at home, or supporting Nat. gas. For Obama's attitude of his plan "That energy costs must necessarily skyrocket". Obama doesn't mind high gas prices as long as it's a slow rise in cost. WOW he is really looking out for the average taxpayer. Of course you are fat, stupid, a tea partier and probably a racist.
Senate killed ever the nominal cuts proposed by the House. By god we need to support Cowboy poets. Otherwise you are just mean, (and perhaps evil).The Senate majority leader said so. It must be true.


Alternate markets

I'm looking at developing a local alternate market based on barter and a handshake. http://www.alt-market.com has laid out the basic idea and provides some tools for getting local and off "Fiat Money". I'm sure quite a few of us are doing or want to do something similar. It can be as simple as trading veggies in the garden for babysitting or pet sitting. We probably do a lot of this just being good neighbors. My neighbor loves homemade bread, She knows vegetarian cooking that I want to learn. So we trade skills as simple as that. She has 25 sweet potato plants on order, I've got a catalog that has Stevia seeds she wants to grow. We trade and haggle and reach an agreed on "trade".
I'm very excited about this idea of getting local and getting off the crazy train that is economics in the USA. I excel at out of the box thinking. Not arrogance it probably kept me out of the "Good Schools" I think we could create a clearinghouse of folks that will trade and barter skills and products.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wow do not trust anyone. Especially the Feds

These factors include, but are not limited to, the effect of new metallic coinage materials on the current suppliers of coinage materials; the acceptability of new metallic coinage materials, including physical, chemical, metallurgical and technical characteristics; metallic material, fabrication, minting, and distribution costs; metallic material availability and sources of raw metals; coinability; durability; sorting, handling, packaging and vending machines; appearance; risks to the environment and public safety; resistance to counterfeiting; commercial and public acceptance; and any other factors considered to be appropriate and in the public interest.

I know congress mandated the US mint to meet standands on minted coins. This is huge for the market.
Don't freak out we are winning. Be smart, buy wisely.

Attitude is everything!

Well it's not everything but it's very important! I've seen so many Headlines to keep us fearful from Flu, salt, and trans fat, Global warming, Global cooling to "Climate change". Alar and Red dye #2, Populations exploding, Birth dearth, La nina, El nino, Earthquakes and super volcanoes. We are all going to die!!!!
Well yes, we are all going to die. I've studied history and everyone dies. Well since we know how the game ends why try? This is the attitude I get from the elites. You'll die and your not important in their big scheme. So why should you try? I do it cause I know annoy folks. I don't know my place. I'm not a serf and I don't realize I need the PTB's to survive and thrive. There is a big difference between having no money and being poor and it all attitude. I'm not poor, I just don't have much money.
Stop playing the game! I'm not saying go all "Ruby Ridge" or Waco/Branch Dravidian. But look at yourself your core beliefs. You know the Fed's and the media are lying to you! You know it every time you fill your gas tank or grocery shop. I don't know about you but I don't trust liars ever. It doesn't matter why they lie. They just lie.

This takes a lot of work, being mentally strong. Don't react to the latest news report, research. The Internet is great for this research and get all sides. Follow up don't believe anyone and get outside your comfort zone. I had a very big problem with this attitude. I'm a recovering Reagan Republican. I still admire him, read his diaries/ book. I understand why he did what he did. That does not make it right.

Grab onto those folks that "make it happen". Politics can be argued over beverages of choice. Actions speak louder than words. That "Green" you dismiss may have a year round green house, energy. That hunter may have meat. That "gun nut" may patrol the neighborhood and come save your butt.
The thing is stay flexible, don't buy into class warfare crap and the  "WE are Right and THEY are Wrong." message.

Why do I recommend getting Flour 1st rather than whole grains?

I know we are covering some of the same topics I covered last year. But I think we are getting some new folks trying to get info and are in a bit of a "ditther" that they won't have time or money before the "Crash".
Now I'm one of the few blogs that reccomend getting flour right away instead of wheat grains. I do this for a few  reasons.
  1.  With my disability I don't always have the streangth or energy to grind grain. Having ready made flour on hand is critical for me. 
  2. White flour will last for 5 years, Whole wheat flour for about 2 years. If you are rotating and using your flour and not stuffing it in a bucket and forgetting about it. That's a lot of storage time.
  3. If you aren't used to Whole wheat it will have a huge negative impact to your body. If you are just starting to use whole wheat, mixing it 1/2 and 1/2 with white flour will give your body time to adjust.
  4. I like white bread better than whole wheat. I don't mind whole wheat but given a choice I'd pick the white bread first. Since I'm storing what I eat daily I buy white flour.
  5. I'm not against storing whole grains. They are great, plus they can be sprouted for "fresh greens" anytime of year. If you get flour that gives you some time to get a good buy on grains and not panic buy. If you look at most internet stores you are looking to pay $40.00 + for about 45 # of grain. For that price you can get at least 100# of flour and not pay shipping and handling.
  6. You save the cost of a grinder. I think a good hand grinder is a must. Sure you can use your food processor if you have power to grind your grain. Just like shopping for a good buy on the whole grains, I'm hoping to pick up a grinder at the thrift store or at a yard sale.
  7. Flour is easy to store safely. I broke down a 50# bag into 5 or 6 food grade 1 gallon Ziplock bags. That is an easy amount to handle tossed in a couple of Bay leaves then stored them in 10-18 gallon Tupperware storage bins. No problem with bugs or rodents. I now get used Food safe buckets from a local grocery store's Bakery Dept. for $1.00-$2.00. Make sure you date them so you rotate properly.
This storage is Your food storage, it must work for you.  This is what worked for me.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A few sales to keep you happy! and a little pep talk.

Fred Meyer has a coupon in this week's ad 3 cans of Tuna $1.00
Petit Sirloin $2.98 per pound Family Pak
Pork Chops $1.69 bone in, Family Pak
MD TP 24 standard rolls $4.99

I'll have an update on Wednesday if the other flyers have anything to add to for sales and stuff.

It's getting scary for just average folks. Everything you need to live day to day is jumping in price and it is going to get worse. But I want you to stay focused and keep taking positive steps for yourself and your family. Don't try for perfection, you won't make it!!  Get  your long term items then augment. The stores are still offering loss leaders so take advantage of them. I grabbed another 2 cans of coffee at $4.99 each last week. I wanted to get 6 cans,  but I got 9 beautiful sweaters at the Macy's outlet for $2.00 and $3.00 each instead. That's a trade off I can live with easily. Have your list but flexible to take advantage of those sales you run across but aren't advertised and trade off, don't get both items. If you get both you will break your budget!!

If your are working on the "Getting started" shopping list. You are well on your way on food  basics. Add oatmeal, cream of wheat, farina or grits and you'll have an easy breakfast covered. Get a good cookbook you will be surpirsed how much you can make using just the basic staples and cooking from scratch. I recommend the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook beacuse they cover all foods, ways to cook them and  they have a basic canning section. Plus they are easy to find at yardsales and Thrift stores.

Spices, Herbs and more spices. Get whole spices if at all possible as they store better and last longer than ground. I love picking up those little grinders and Big Lot's and the Dollar stores for a dollar. Most can be refilled from the bulk spices bottles or you can make your own spice blends. Start a window herb garden of your favorites Basil, oregeno, mints, sage, chives, parsley are easy to grow indoors. You don't need a special setup just a sunny window and something that holds soil. Seeds are very cheap and are in stores.

It's going to be tough but even having 3 weeks of your basics will keep you going and away from the mobs, riots and looters when they figure out what's happening. We saw how folks reacted this Xmas when they were only getting a good price on a LCD TV or the latest toy. They will be much worse about getting the basics of life.
Keep on doing your best, and don't give in to fear or panic. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Asked to be paid in gold or silver

Now if you go to the US mint (Oficially government body) ask to be be paid in the "Spot price" of gold or silver in US Mint gold or silver coins. Then pay taxes on only the dollar ammount of the coin. Now you are only looking at most of those coins having a "Face Value" of $1.00-$5.00. Now you may face a Capital gains tax of 15% but 1-5 dollars even of full year makes your annual income $12.00- $60.00 for the year. Based on the face value of the coin. They cheat...We cheat!

Disclaimer not tax advice, just starve the beast advice.

That's not Fair! of course who runs the game and promised it would be Fair?

      We have all seen the skyrocketing prices and many folks are starting to realize that they have been lied to by the Main Stream Media, Federal, State and local governments, by the TBTF Banks. We have been cheated and rules of the game keep changing in favor of the "Elite". Of course we played the game too, and as long as it went our way we didn't mind that the Elite lied, cheated and stole. This isn't a rant against the rich but the Power Elites, our oligarchs, our aristocracy. The Welfare Queens like Bank of America and "Peggy" who said that Obama would pay her Mortgage and she was getting some Obama Money! 
I know a lot of Americans didn't give them a free pass. We could see the "Housing Bubble" and Debt Bubble coming just no one wanted to listen to us. We were called names and words like Patriot,  Liberty and the Constitution were held in contempt. To actually believe in those concepts made you a "Nut" and in the NWO/ Conspiracy/ Tinfoil hat, Black Helicopter crowd.
      So, here we are and we know stuff will get worse. The way it used to be is over and whining and panic will not help we got to deal with the world the way it is right now. I'd like to think most of the folks have done some "preparing"  of some sort and are strong in some areas and need some help in the weaker areas. Maybe just a direction to go or what to do next. What has worked for me may not work for you but we got a lot of folks that have done preparing with their own twist and lessons learned.
       My biggest fear is SS and my Vet. disability will get chopped or simply stopped. I can't work an 8 hour day and no one will hire me even if there were jobs! I don't blame business they need to get the most bang for the buck and with the new ADA, handicap folks aren't  usually worth the taking a chance on. So I've paid all debts except mortgage and got cheap. I can absorb up to a 10% cut or inflation but I can't do both for long. I'm trying to set up a barter market for fresh grown fruits and veggies, Home made bread and preserved food. I hope to have some PC parts on and I'm learning to recover Data off of hardrives. I've built PC's as a hobby for over 10 years and I'm good at getting the most bang for a dollar. I'm learning economics and buying hard assets and totally out of paper of all kinds, except Toilet paper. I'm trying to create a skill set that I can do and will have a value. I got an Adult trike and I live in a small city most of what I need is within a 3 mile radius. 5 days a week my Mom and I walk the Mall and even with my walker I can manage about 4 miles.I got great neighbors and we are trying to create a little network of barter and trade.
      Please get rid of any ideas of "Fair" or "they" cheated or lied. Heck even as a kid I learned you can't change a cheater or a liar. All you can do is to refuse to "play" with them any more and start a new game. Don't fight just refuse to play the game! You can always fight as a last resort. Sometimes you do have to fight the bullies. But just walking away from the game is just devastating!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

With all the Manure piling up. There must be a pony in here somewhere!

I tend to be an optimistic person, but a realist as well. I think we all agree that things will get tougher in the future.  We just don't know how bad or when it will happen. But I'd like to go over many of the positive things that have happen to me and how much I've changed since I started preparing.
Probably  the most profound change is how I think about money and how much I'm learning about the markets and economics. Now money is just a means to and end not an end to itself. I don't think of $20.00 as $20.00 but as 50# of rice, an extra can of gas, 1/2 an oz. of silver or a delivered pizza. For me this was a profound change and I'm still evolving and learning more all the time.
I admit I was on the wheel of trying to game the system make some money. Flip a house, get in the stock market, Your credit report determines your value as a "human being". It took me almost dying and losing everything to realize how wrong I was and what a slave to debt I had become. I patted myself on the back that my "net worth" was going up and at least I didn't have as much credit card debt as the average American. I was playing the game and "winning" until I lost.
I have gained many new skills by making stuff last longer, buying at lowest prices. Getting a good deal at a yard sale. Making food from scratch, and preserving it for the long term. Learning to trade with neighbors heck I'm now able to give to charity, when I was living the dream I couldn't afford charity. LOL 
I live on a less now but I think my quality of life is much better than it was as a debt slave. My politics have changed a lot, instead of left vs. right, I'm looking a bit more Libertarian/constitutionalists/liberty type of person. I'm really tired of the us vs. them attitude of American Politics. I think most average folks want many of the same things and we agree on a lot. we just disagree on how to get there sometimes. I think I got wrapped up in the warfare that if an idea came from "them" it was automatically evil. Much easier to react by reflex rather than to think it through. Laziness mentally or physically saves calories and is a survival strategy as long as someone else will save your butt! I think many folks are waking up to the fact that others won't save our butts and we must save our own butts.