Sunday, January 22, 2012

I don't need to prepare because....

 I'd really like to know why all you out there think preppers are wrong for preparing for disasters of all sorts. So all the folks that think I'm wrong please post why preparing is a waste of time and money and whatever else you think I'm wasting.


  1. I have had many reason why I prepare. I think you know why, and that is why I support you.
    Please do not listen, or get defensive when comments are directed for you to answer them. You own no one any explanination. You post because you are supporting the disabled, the lower income who have to work on tight funds or no funds at all.
    I throughly enjoy your layout of plans, first, because you have been in the armed forces, you have done things I have not. You fill in spaces that I have never thought of because of your situation.
    I have gotten many horrid and rude comments since I have started my blog. I have told them to simply piss off and I delete them. If you do not like my blog, then please move on to something else you can control. It is a form of cyber-bullying.
    I get anti meat, anti farming at my blog, but I'm sorry, its where I live and I cannot do anything about where I live and what people do for a living.
    Please keep a stiff upper lip. And when something happens, you can hold your head up and weapons at hand.

  2. I saw the Reuters news story of the "subculture" of prepping. I just found so many of the comments not to prep hilarious.
    I haven't gotten to many trolls on this blog.

  3. Jamie, you need to prep MORE, not less. We all know that what we can sock away is only 'enough' but not what we are gonna need. I saw that report too and I find it hilarious that they call us a 'subculture'. Unhmmm, then why do I bump into about 3 preppers a day and I rarely get out that much? It could be the area I live in but I think it goes beyond that, and more into the fact that the idiots that print that tripe, are ensconced in the armpits of socialism, NYC and LA.

  4. I know Dio I think I'm pretty well set. I added a second 55 gal. water barrel and I got rid of most of my soda bottles for water storage. The bottles did a great job but I gained a bunch of floor space getting rid of them.
    My solar oven will be here any day now, but probably by the 1st of Feb. I can't wait to try that sucker out!

  5. I've been smushed by life. I'm not complaining much.... But I feel that prepping is a completely rational response to today's world. Of course I may be wrong and the worse that happens is I have a great camping/tailgate set up and I don't have to go shopping for several months. I'm still can't see a downside on prepping if you are smart and get real food and rotate. For someone to come up with a real calamity that my stuff is no good will probably kill me. I'm not saying that can't happen but still the food and water would still be good if it stays sealed.
    I need to have on hand all the stuff the say is no good. Generators don't rot, gardens produce and are not dependent on economics, but on weather.
    I just wish someone could up with a rational response that prepping is bad and be able to to explain it without name calling or straw man arguments. If I'm doing wrong please tell me, and don't give me any crap that the my prepping would do good for other folks. If you make less than me you are on food stamps and get all the government goodies. All I get is SSD and some VA disability and nothing else. I know the game and about $10.00 is all that prevents me from qualifying and I just don't try to Qualify. I pay my mortgage, my utilities and full price for food, energy and my VA care. Yeah VA is cheap health care join the military an do 4 years active and 4 years reserve and you can have "cheap" health care just like me.
    This is not for my regulars or folks that are new to prepping. All you would be trolls you are welcome to stop by and comment. But you will be educated as well. Get off your ass and up on your feet, I played COD and MW IRL so bring it noob! You want help I'll be there for you and if I don't know I'll point you to someone that does know. I was that way in the Army, I was that way in a clan. I'm still that way.

  6. Personally, I suspect that you you may be wasting a lot of your time. I'm not saying this for the prepping, but for warning people. Most have made up their minds already. Either they go into anaphylactic shock over the idea of something happening in the US because they believe that their government will take care of things, or they are already prepping. Though Denimflyz does have a point: you do give some insight into things others might miss. I dunno anymore whether its worth it or not. Trying to warn others is growing to feel like swimming upstream against rapids of molasses in January.

  7. Kurt I know I'm not wasting my time. This blog is mostly for me as a way to get ideas out of my head and written down. I know I'm a small fry in the prepping world but my OWS story got more than a 1000 in one day. (link from JWR's Survival blog)Now I average 200-300 hits of folks stopping by to read and I know I've helped folks. and I find it's a lot of fun to write!
    This blog keeps me always working on stuff because the best way to show you have learn something is to teach it to someone else.